Historic Bar

Haps Beer Parlor has been in existence since 1935. It is one of the original bars in Helena, Montana.

The original owner was Hap Schneider; he owned the bar from 1935 till 1941. The second owner was George Schneider; he owned the bar from 1936 till 1974. The third owner was Tony Bielen; he owned the bar from 1936-1974. The present owner is Don Lytle; he has owned the bar since 1974.


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Train Depot

Haps is located across from Helena Historic Train Depot. When trains were a dominate source of transportation, Haps became a popular stopping spot for travelers and locals alike. 

Horse Shoes and Celebrations


Haps Bar patrons enjoy friendly games of horse shoe with a horse shoe pit located outside at the back of bar. People are allowed to bring food into the bar with barbeques frequent during horse shoe season.